Look Matteo Guidicelli your girlfriend Sarah Geronimo is now a sleeping beauty


Are Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson having problems with Maja Salvador and Matteo Guidicelli?

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Sarah deserves the happiness in life. She has failed twice. She fell in love with best friends Rayver Cruz and Gerald Anderson in two different occasions, but right now, she is moving forward. And speaking of Gerald, reports said he is having problems with Maja Salvador. The issue has already been denied by Maja, but because of their separate vacation (Gerald went to the U.S. while Maja went to Thailand) some observers believe that there is something wrong going on between the two. Read More……


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Matteo Guidicelli doesn’t need to work hard to give a beautiful life to Sarah Geronimo

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Are they hesitant to admit it? Do they have something to prove? Is Jessy Mendiola one of the reasons why they decided to hide? It is a given fact that before he courted the pop princess Sarah Geronimo, Matteo Guidicelli was previously linked to Jessy Mendiola, the star of the newest TV series Maria Mercedes. Read More……


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