Sarah Geronimo latest news: Matteo Guidicelli flatters for his parents positive comments

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A week and a half after his celebration, his fans and supporters are still talking about it especially his duet with Sarah Geronimo where they almost admitted their relationship in front of their families, friends and relatives. In his latest interview with ABS-CBN News, the hunk actor shared his parents’ admiration for Sarah when they met her at his birthday party. Read More…..


  1. Did Matteo Guidicelli watch Sarah Geronimo’s rendition of the song ‘Let It Go?’
  2. Sarah Geronimo told Matteo Guidicelli to fight and promised to support him
  3. Is Gerald Anderson also willing to reconcile with Sarah Geronimo?
  4. Matteo Guidicelli introduces Sarah Geronimo to his parents
  5. Sarah Geronimo’s photo and video confirm her relationship with Matteo Guidicelli

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