What are the plans of Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah Geronimo?

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Reports added that she was also forced to ride in a taxi after her argument with Mommy Divine just to be able to shoot a movie with Coco Martin. Until today, the two of them are still hesitant to reveal their rumored relationship despite the encouragement of their fans and supporters to say something about it. Aside from their hesitation to reveal their true feelings for each other publicly, some speculations also came out that Sarah will get married when she reaches the age of 30 while Matteo confirmed that he will tie the knot with someone four years from now. Read More……


  1. Is Matteo Guidicelli confirming his relationship with Sarah Geronimo?
  2. Ogie Diaz throws a joke about Sarah Geronimo to Gerald Anderson
  3. Matteo Guidicelli talks about Sarah Geronimo; confirms argument with his parents
  4. Sarah Geronimo refuses to talk about Matteo Guidicelli and Delfin Geronimo
  5. Sarah Geronimo goes out with Matteo Guidicelli without her father’s approval

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