Is Gerald Anderson still in love with Sarah Geronimo? Did you watch his video with Ogie Diaz?

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Ogie was singing Let It Go, theme song of the blockbuster Disney movie Frozen while someone in-front of him was taking a video, but before he continued, Gerald Anderson, boyfriend of Maja Salvador and rumored ex-boyfriend of pop princess Sarah Geronimo interrupted him. Read More…..


  1. Matteo Guidicelli talks about Sarah Geronimo; confirms argument with his parents
  2. Sarah Geronimo refuses to talk about Matteo Guidicelli and Delfin Geronimo
  3. Sarah Geronimo goes out with Matteo Guidicelli without her father’s approval
  4. Sarah Geronimo reconciles with Maja Salvador on ASAP 19
  5. Fans scream when Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli perform in Cebu

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