What’s in store for Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli? Is Mommy Divine still not allowing her daughter to fall in love?

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Allegedly, the three of them agreed not to have a serious romance, but like what the popsters said and tweeted almost everyday, Sarah and Matteo have fallen in love. If you are following the pop princess’s career and love life, you better stay at home this afternoon because Buzz Ng Bayan will have something for you. It’s hosts Boy Abunda, Janice De Belen and Carmina Villaroel will try to give you the best information regarding the issue. Read More…..


  1. Sarah Geronimo rides a taxi because of Mommy Divine and Matteo Guidicelli
  2. Sarah Geronimo had an argument with Mommy Divine because of Matteo Guidicelli
  3. How true that Sarah Geronimo & Mommy Divine are arguing about Matteo Guidicelli?
  4. Are Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli separated after almost eight months?
  5. Sarah Geronimo & Coco Martin’s movie is in the works

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