Ronnie Liang answers questions about Sarah Geronimo on Instagram

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Fortunately, Ronnie was online. He immediately replied to Louella 0307, according to him, he still feels the happiness when he is with the pop princess. “I’m super happy and thrilled when I’m with her,” Ronnie replied. Obviously, the singer is excited when it comes to Sarah Geronimo and even though he did not reveal his intention, some observers believe that Sarah Geronimo has a soft spot in his heart. Read More…..


  1. Anne Curtis’s scandal can affect the Sarah Geronimo-John Lloyd Cruz next movie
  2. Matteo Guidicelli talks about Sarah Geronimo in an interview
  3. Sarah Geronimo reunites with John Lloyd Cruz
  4. Sarah Geronimo sees Matteo Guidicelli in the VIP area
  5. Fan: More patience Matteo Guidicelli, Sarah Geronimo is more than worth the wait

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