Nagkita ba sina Sarah Geronimo at Matteo Guidicelli sa MOA Arena?

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“I was there. I work for a product in which she advertises. We were in the VIP area and had access backstage. The place was packed but tickets were not sold out. The result was expected by the management because of the calamity. On a side note, the hunky and delish rumored boyfriend was there in the VIP area so yes, she is a winner,” an observer confirmed. Read More…..


  1. Fan: More patience Matteo Guidicelli, Sarah Geronimo is more than worth the wait
  2. Sarah Geronimo had a bad night at the MOA Arena; Matteo Guidicelli didn’t watch
  3. Matteo Guidicelli was instructed to hide his relationship with Sarah Geronimo
  4. Gerald Anderson, Rayver Cruz keep mum on Sarah Geronimo’s painful break up
  5. Gerald Anderson fails; Matteo Guidicelli will continue to shudder Sarah Geronimo

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