Are Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah Geronimo expressing their feelings through text?

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You guys know their stories. “Sarah is back on texting world,” DeeGee De Gzman tweeted several months ago. Netizens teased DeeGee to reveal the identity of the guy, but due to some issues, he refused to say anything about it. And now, the issues are almost cleared. Read More……


  1. Karen Davila on Sarah Geronimo: A nice and super humble woman
  2. Jobert Sucaldito apologizes to Sarah Geronimo
  3. Has Matteo Guidicelli sent a bouquet of tulips and stargazer to Sarah Geronimo?
  4. Sarah Geronimo, Maja Salvador celebrate their 10th year with Matteo and Gerald
  5. Is Sarah Geronimo allowing Matteo Guidicelli to be her guest in her concert?

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