Sarah Geronimo is not using Matteo Guidicelli contrary to Jobert Sucaldito’s statement

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Popsters accepted his apology, but they advised him to respect their idol. “Give respect and you will be respected as well. Maybe you can also apologize to her personally that would be better,” said Cristine Clacio, one of the fans of pop princess Sarah Geronimo. Read More…..


  1. Has Matteo Guidicelli sent a bouquet of tulips and stargazer to Sarah Geronimo?
  2. Sarah Geronimo, Maja Salvador celebrate their 10th year with Matteo and Gerald
  3. Is Sarah Geronimo allowing Matteo Guidicelli to be her guest in her concert?
  4. Sarah Geronimo: My second relationship was a painful one (Buzz Ng Bayan)
  5. Is Sarah Geronimo using Matteo Guidicelli for the success of Perfect 10 concert?

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