Sarah Geronimo and Maja Salvador; Their relationship with Gerald Anderson and Matteo Guidcielli

Maja11 Sarah RayverHit this link and click the word subscribe under my name to get instant update.

Truly, she is one of the blessed showbiz personalities in the country today. Her left and right commitments in some parts of the country are proof of her successful journey in the industry. Aside from he career, she also has a very active love life. She considers Gerald Anderson as her blessing. Read More……


  1. Is Sarah Geronimo allowing Matteo Guidicelli to be her guest in her concert?
  2. Sarah Geronimo: My second relationship was a painful one (Buzz Ng Bayan)
  3. Is Sarah Geronimo using Matteo Guidicelli for the success of Perfect 10 concert?
  4. Sarah Geronimo, Gerald Anderson keep their separate relationships private
  5. Sarah Geronimo’s special appearance on ‘Minute To Win It’ enters Twitter trend

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