Sarah Geronimo to Klarisse De Guzman: This is your time to shine

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Aside from popsters who voted for her in the finale episode of “The Voice,” Mommy Esnobie, Klarisse’s mom was also hoping for a favorable result in the competition. She really wanted her daughter to win her battle in “The Voice” finale because of her desire to undergo eye surgery, but based on the result, Mommy Esnobie will have to wait for another chance. Read More…..


  1. Sarah Geronimo flaunts her sexy back on ‘The Voice of the Philippines’
  2. Sarah Geronimo replies to a tweet of her fans
  3. Sarah Geronimo encourages popsters to support Klarisse De Guzman
  4. Klarisse De Guzman is following the footsteps of Sarah Geronimo
  5. The Buzz: Mommy Divine favors Matteo

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