Boy Abunda reveals important thing about Mommy Divine Geronimo, Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli

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It was a taped interview, but it brought positive reactions from the fans and supporters of the youngest coach of “The Voice of the Philippines” especially when Boy Abunda, host of “The Buzz,” revealed on national television that Mommy Divine Geronimo is favoring Matteo Guidicelli for Sarah Geronimo. As of this time, the Geronimos are still keeping their silence regarding the issue but popsters are hoping to hear from them very soon. Read More…….


  1. Matteo Guidicelli, Ejay Falcon talk about Sarah Geronimo
  2. Sarah Geronimo shares her only wish
  3. Sarah Geronimo wears black skirt and sleeveless together with Klarisse De Guzman
  4. Sarah Geronimo becomes number one in Yahoo trend
  5. ‘MTV EMA 2013’ recognizes Sarah Geronimo’s pure talent

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