Sarah Geronimo gives fair judgement on ‘The Voice’

Sarah G Voice last nightHit this link and click the word subscribe under my name to get instant update.

In last night’s episode of “The Voice,” Sarah Geronimo received positive reactions from netizens when she chose Morisstte Amon over Maki Ricafort, two of the best talents in her team. She gave 40% to Maki and the other 60% of votes were given to Morissette, one of the favorite and very talented competitors in the competition. Read More……


  1. Matteo Guidicelli attends ‘7th Star Magic Ball’ without Sarah Geronimo
  2. Netizens like Sarah Geronimo’s rendition of the hit song ‘If Only’
  3. Sarah Geronimo’s photo shoot in a magazine goes viral on the web
  4. Sarah Geronimo talks about her first ever trip in the United States
  5. Bashers connive to say something bad against Sarah Geronimo

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