Popsters defend Sarah Geronimo from bashers and haters online

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Anonymous commenter #1 on fashionpulis.com said “She is a very good dancer and the only one among her fellow performers who can dance and sing while performing on stage. I admire her talent and beauty inside and out.” Obviously, anonymous #1 is one of the popsters who are willing to defend Sarah Geronimo to her bashers and haters online. Read More……


  1. Popsters: Sarah Geronimo is one of the most awarded box office queens
  2. Denise Ochoa confirms new haircut of Sarah Geronimo
  3. Sarah Geronimo maintains superstardom while Matteo Guidicelli remains undecided
  4. Sam Milby: ‘Yes, I am courting Jessy Mendiola’
  5. Chinito Xian hopes to see Sarah Geronimo and Xian Lim in a movie or TV series

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