Sarah Geronimo is so hot and sexy; her new look compliments her pretty face

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Going back to Sarah Geronimo, many of her followers believe that she made the right decision. They said her new look is addictive. “She is so beautiful and cute,” said King Mortela, one of her supporters. “She is so gorgeous and sophisticated. So hot and sexy,” Kat Pantaleon added. Read More……


  1. Sarah Geronimo brings back Laida Magtalas’s look in her new hairdo
  2. Sarah Geronimo poses sexy for her upcoming and previous concert
  3. Popsters: Sarah Geronimo is the best coach of ‘The Voice of the Philippines’
  4. Netizens: ‘Sarah Geronimo is so pretty and sexy tonight’
  5. Viva Records releases ticket prices for Sarah Geronimo’s “Perfect 10 Concert”

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