Meet the new Sarah Geronimo (Perfect 10 Concert preparation)

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Popsters couldn’t believe that the person in this photo which was posted on Instagram a while ago is none other than the pop princess Sarah Geronimo. Her new hairdo reminds her fans and supporters of Laida Magtalas, her character in “It Takes A Man and A Woman,” her third and reunion movie with the box office king, John Lloyd Cruz. Read More…..


  1. Sarah Geronimo poses sexy for her upcoming and previous concert
  2. Popsters: Sarah Geronimo is the best coach of ‘The Voice of the Philippines’
  3. Netizens: ‘Sarah Geronimo is so pretty and sexy tonight’
  4. Viva Records releases ticket prices for Sarah Geronimo’s “Perfect 10 Concert”
  5. Sarah Geronimo is back to work after her successful concert series in Australia

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