Netizens favor JC De Vera-Sarah Geronimo team up

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Going back to JC De Vera and Sarah Geronimo’s rumored team up, the management is still keeping its silence regarding the issue, but based on a tweet of Alma Aharaja, the ABS-CBN and Viva Films who handle the career of the “Pop Star Princess,” should not think twice and pursue the team up. Read More……..


  1. Sarah Geronimo remains silent on JC De Vera’s revelation
  2. Jessy Mendiola: I am happy for Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah Geronimo
  3. Gerald Anderson airs statement on Sarah Geronimo-Matteo Guidicelli issue
  4. Jessy Mendiola and Matteo Guidicelli speak up about Sarah Geronimo
  5. The beautiful and and sexy Sarah Geronimo launches ‘Expressions Album’

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