Divine is giving her trust to Sarah Geronimo slowly but surely

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On the other hand, some observers are saying that slowly but surely, Divine Geronimo is giving her trust to her favorite daughter. Obviously, the result is very positive because she performed on “Sarah G, Live” with a smile on her face even though she’s tired. CONTINUE READING…..


  1. Traveling alone is a brand new experience for Sarah Geronimo
  2. Sarah Geronimo with Martin Nievera on ‘Sarah G, Live’
  3. Sarah Geronimo reveals itinerary in Brazil without Divine on her side
  4. Gerald Anderson is watching while Sarah Geronimo performs

2 thoughts on “Divine is giving her trust to Sarah Geronimo slowly but surely

  1. Finally mommy Divine give Sara freedom, I think Sara can do it on her own now Sara is 24 years if age and I think that is the rigjt age for a woman to carry herself around public. May God bless Sara and Gerald and all their families.

  2. Thank you mommy Divine that is a very nice of you that finally Sara is making on her own, I ‘ am really positive that Sara will do fine Sara is really responsible woman, but I ‘ am hoping that Sara and Gerald will be together again or they will make movies or even with concerts and teleserye I am pretty sure that both of Sara and Geralds millions fans all over the world will really happy. May God both of them families

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