‘It Takes A Man and A Woman’ movie of Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz will be released on Valentine’s Day

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Based on the latest report from philstar.com dated November 5, 2012, only the pictures of Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz are allowed to put in the poster. Isabelle Daza portrays the role of John Lloyd’s other woman in the movie that is why her picture in the poster is very important to make the story more convincing. As of this time, there is no reaction from Leo Dominguez, the handler of Isabelle Diaz Daza. CONTINUE READING….


  1. Rayver Cruz and Gerald Anderson are the past and future of Sarah Geronimo
  2. Sarah Geronimo’s ‘One Sweet Day’ is for Gerald Anderson
  3. Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson should be crowned as ‘Newsmakers of the Year’
  4. The controversial revelation of Divine Geronimo about Gerald Anderson’s decision to stop courting Sarah Geronimo

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