Who is this Japanese suitor of Sarah Geronimo?

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An article from todoentertainment.com dated October 22, 2012 is saying that a multi-millionaire and 32 years old Japanese is the newest admirer of the “Concert Queen” Sarah Geronimo. Based on the said website, the businessman spotted Sarah during her last concert in Tokyo and Nagoya, Japan entitled “A Million Thanks to Remember” with Jon Santos. CONTINUE READING….


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  2. Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson’s interview
  3. Sarah Geronimo should allow herself to do a movie with Gerald Anderson
  4. A magical kiss of Gerald Anderson to Sarah Geronimo

5 thoughts on “Who is this Japanese suitor of Sarah Geronimo?

  1. I hope Sara Geronimo is not being sold by her Mom to a Yakusa, that is going to be really sad is that how Mrs. Geronimo is telling people that she wanted a none showbiz people, if that is the case Mrs. Geronimo is abusing Sara’s rights Mrs. Geronimo should just be tgete fir her when she needed her, hindi lagi syang nakabuntot sa anak nya for goodness sake Sara is 24 years old common Mrs Divine your daughter needs freedom from you let her to chose who she really love and not vecause of her ien

  2. I’m hoping that Mrs. Geronimo is not selling her daughter to a Yakusa, Mrs Geronimo you are abusing your daughter, and I don’t think that you are doing well with your parenting I no wander you said in public that you want non showbiz for your daughter is that because you want your daughter to be with the yakusa God?to tell you Mrs Geronimo I would think that you are not concern with your dal you are very much co

  3. Sara need a freedom from her Mom let Sara decide when it comes to boyfriend, I hope your doing really well with your parenting, cause the latest news now is Sara is having a new admirer which is a Japanese business man I would think that Japanese wanted to marry their own people, I am hoping her Mom is not after Sara’s money or her mom judt want Sara to make money for her to tell you honestly that is not what you called good parenting

  4. I am really sad about what is happening with Sara Geronimo, her Mom is always on her way, Sara is 24 years old for goodness sake, Mrs. Geronimo is not even an actress or a singer Sara does but why Mrs Geronimo is always on the scene; I am pretty sure she can trust Sara, and I would think Sara can decide who is the best man for her, Sara need a freedom from her Mom, now they are talking about new admirer its look like we are talking about the money issue now; leave your daughter alone let her decide on her own and not sell Sara to a Japanese guy, Mrs. Geronimo you are not a good parent for Sara; she is naking

  5. I hope that Japanese will just play aroubd on Sara cause Sara is not even a Japanese pretty sure Sara wanted the same Filipino; Mrs. GERONIMO let your daughter decide who is best for her, give her freedim to chose who is best for her and not you Nrs Geronimo, you are just there to support her abd really not to dictate everything what dhe eill hsve to do, she is 24 years old and you wanted her to have a 32 years old man, that is almost like your sellung your own flesh abd blood, to tell you honestly you are not being a good parent with Sara, you are just there for money not to really care about your daughter. I am a parent as well and also protective but not to the point that you will run her life leave Sara alone and do sonething else lagi kang nakabuntot. You are not veing nicr eith your daughter

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