Divine Geronimo protects Sarah Geronimo to the possible affair with Gerald Anderson

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As a fan, I do not believe that there is an issue against the mom, I think, she is just performing her duty as parent. Obviously, she doesn’t want Sarah Geronimo to be misguided, and as a mother, she has to protect the “Concert Queen.” Some people are disappointed about it because they feel that Divine interferes her daughter, but let’s face it, she has the full authority to play the role of a mother especially when Sarah needs help. CONTINUE READING…..


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2 thoughts on “Divine Geronimo protects Sarah Geronimo to the possible affair with Gerald Anderson

  1. well, it is but right to protect Sara from being hurt…that is very understandable bec I am also a mother..but considering her age probably I will somehow allow a certain amount of freedom…to experience normalcy, experience self reliance, experience independence and yes probably experience HURTS and PAINS..Why not if these are the realities in this world…so be it.

  2. Divine you need to trust Sara and trust yourself…duda kb sa mga itinuro m values k Sara…para di mo siya pagtiwalaan to live her life? You cannot bring back time nadeprive sa youth niya..Let her live her life..not you living for her…Guide lang tayo…un lang role natin to teach them…parang toddler si Sara nag aaral maglakad..pero ayaw mo siyang madapa…So kinakarga mo na lang like a Special child…hanggang hindi na niya alam how to stand strongly on her own…God bless..

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