After Sarah Geronimo, are you in favor of Cristine Reyes for Gerald Anderson in a teleseries?

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To prove to you that some of the fans are not in favor of Cristine for Gerald in a teleseries, here is a comment from Warlita Arciaga, a Facebook user. She said “no way, the Los Angeles fans will not patronize any teleseries of Gerald if he will be paired with Cristine Reyes. I find it below Gerald’s dignity.” It seems that the fans are still holding on to their dreams that Sarah and Gerald will be paired again. What do you think? CONTINUE READING…..


  1. Gerald Anderson will be paired with Cristine Reyes after Sarah Geronimo
  2. Cristine Reyes is so hot with Gerald Anderson in a song and dance number
  3. Ashralds caught Sarah Geronimo touching the shoulder of Gerald Anderson
  4. Gerald Anderson kissed Sarah Geronimo

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