After Gerald Anderson and John Lloyd Cruz, Piolo Pascual is the best choice for Sarah Geronimo

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A few months ago, reports said that Sarah Geronimo will also be paired with Gerald Anderson after her movie with John Lloyd, but due to some problems, the said movie has been shelved. So, if Gerald Anderson is out, who will be the next and possible leading man of Sarah in her future assignments on ABS-CBN? For the fans, Gerald is the perfect choice if given the chance, but if not, Piolo Pascual is one of the best choices if the “Concert Queen” is decided to do a movie again. CONTINUE READING…….


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  2. Six months journey of Gerald Anderson with Sarah Geronimo
  3. Sarah Geronimo maintains popularity based on the latest survey
  4. An episode of Juicy on TV5 says Sarah Geronimo goes sexy

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