The possibility for Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson to revive their relationship is really big

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It is not the end of the world, but they should finish their unfinished business for the sake of their fans and their future as well, because they are the responsible persons directly affected by these issues. Their fans believe that they really love each other so much because they feel the sincerity of their feelings. CONTINUE READING……


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  3. The romantic relationship of Gerald Anderson and Sarah Geronimo should continue
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One thought on “The possibility for Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson to revive their relationship is really big


    Many statements issued, opinions expressed, comments said about the Sarah G and Gerald story. Their story has affected many Filipinos within the country as well as those living overseas, and I am one of them. Hindi ko alam kung bakit talaga, there’s something about these two..a different kind of chemistry when they’re together. Sa tweet nga ni Tito Boy Abunda…one of the kilig love teams sila together or not. Actually, I’m not a big Sarah G. fan nor do I know who Gerald Anderson is prior to watching the movie Catch Me…since I left the country for almost ten years now. But after I’ve watched the movie, I was magnitized by these two….Loved the movie, have watched it ata for ten times. Not only that, after watching th movie, I tried to browse the net and checked on these two. I was amazed at the result of my reasearch. Finding out more about them in the interviews made me admire them. I was awed at how their relationship have progressed. From the time they were interviewed by Boy Abunda at the buzz…when they were asked by Boy natatakot ka ba Gerald na main love sa isang Sarah Geronimo and same to Sasa natatakot ka bang ma inlove sa isang Gerald Anderson. I find Gerald a true gentleman, with his actions, with his interviews. Sarah on the other hand is so sweet and shy but so down to earth.
    It was a shocking news when I read about the July 23 news that Gerald stopped courting Saraah G. What I don’t understand now is that bakit parang bitter si Ge that doesn’t want to talk about the issue . He hasn’t even admitted that he stopped courting Sarah. It was just confirmed by the family and other news reporters. But until now there are news that tinatakbuhan ang mg reporters. My thought on this that by being silent si Sarah ang napasama. If you’re really Sarah’s friend you’ll be honest with everyone even what you’ll say is not what they want to hear. I think it takes courage to speak up and say to everyone I’ve fallen out of love, I stopped courting her dahil strict ang parents nya, or whatever reason he has.
    And I thought he’s Sarah’s friend who will support her. Where is he now during Sarah’s trying times. Akala ko ba kilala mo si Sarah malalim na yung friendship.
    My question is this…ano ba ang nagawa ni Sarah na kasalanan? By being too obedient. People accused her of not being able to make a deciision for herself at the age of 24. I don’t agree with her parents so over protective of her it but sana we should just have seen the beauty of it long -term speaking. Talagang magiging maswerte ang magiging asawa and mga anak ni Sarah cause you have proven her loyalty to her family. So magiging loyal din sya talaga sa asawa nya and mga anak. Siguro she just needs to learn to trust herself more and believe in herself para maka-pagdecide para sa sarili. Kung heto man ang kaalanan nya na sinasabi ng iba…we can turn this negative/weakness nya into a positive one…she’s a loving person. And now we know that even she’s a star she has her own weakness. Ge, you were so proud of her during the concert and you’re happy to say that I’m proud friend ko yung nasa stage, what about ngayon…can you still care for her (love her as a friend?) despite her weakness?
    It’s easier for Ge to move on kasi sya ang nagdecide to quit (ifever true). But for Sarah, she was left there kaya siguro sya malungkot dahil she has fallen for Gerald na and her dreams of being with him was shattered. You can see in her eyes last Sunday and parang hindi sya masyadong makakanta nung opm medley portion. For Sarah G diba sometimes God allows us to fall har so we can bounce higher. I know you’ll continue to rise. Diba nga everything happens for a reason, maybe the experience is teaching you ove yourself more. to believe in yourself because you’re a magnificent lady. You deserve to be loved and and to love.
    To Ge, you amazed me. Those were just my thoughts on the latest issue. I still admire you for being a gentleman, a caring person and of course naagkakamali din. Siguro din, there’s something to be learned from that experience. maybe God is still molding you to be the person you’re meant to be..
    To those people din esp. ogie Diaz, if you have nothing nice to say kindly shut your mouth. Kasi diba words are so powerful either you uplift a person or break them. Kahit pa sabihin mo na trabaho lang, sana act with integrity pa rin. Hindi ko nga alam kung Ninang ka ni Ge or may crush ka rin sa kanya kasi I haven’t read any good write-up about Sarah puro negative. Anyway, you cannot put a good lady down. And I still believe in Golden Rule and Echo Valley, what you sow you will reap. Hindi man ngayon maybe in the future. Pero may chance pa rin diba mag-change…Kaya nga I really admire the likes of Boy Abunda Charlene and Kris, though straightforward, TV personalities with character. Sana Ogie stop na so the world will be a better place to live.
    I am still hoping to see you together. I felt masaya kayo when you’re together. Even if you don’t say it malungkot mga eyes nyo, so different prior to July 22. I will continue to pray for both of you. But if it’s not meant to be, I would like to thank you both for the inspiration and for making many people continue to believe in LOVE… But I believe God has a great plan for you. Sana pairalin ang love…you two will make a lovely couple, both of you are kind-hearted. Siguro nga your love for each other is so strong kasi it radiates to others.

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