Latest survey says Gerald Anderson should continue to fight for Sarah Geronimo

Hit this link and click the word subscribe under my name to get instant updates. is conducting a survey regarding the courtship of Gerald Anderson to Sarah Geronimo, the said poll is asking if this is the right time for Gerald Anderson to stop courting Sarah. They gave two choices, (1) yes, because the parents are very strict and (2) no, he should fight for it. CONTINUE READING…..


  1. Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson’s saga has ended
  2. The controversial question and answer portion of ‘Sarah G, Live!’ with mommy Divine and dady Delfin Geronimo
  3. Sarah Geronimo denies relationship with Gerald Anderson on ‘Sarah G, Live!’
  4. Mommy Divine Geronimo wishes a lot of good things for Sarah Geronimo

3 thoughts on “Latest survey says Gerald Anderson should continue to fight for Sarah Geronimo

  1. I think parents of Sarah G should give her a chance and also forGerald. They should guide and advice sarah but not to decide for Sarah. Gerald should pursue if he really loves Sarah. Its a test for both of them and the two of them should fight for their feelings if they really love each other. I pity Sarah because its cery obvious that she love Gerald so much but she is torn bedtween her parents and her own feelings. Its hurting for Sarah and Gerald that they cant be togother… i just hope they can move on.

  2. Dapat lang din na ituloy ni Gerald kung talagang mahal nya si Sarah fight nya indi ba sabi ng Tatay basta may tyaga lang …kc ang kawawa d2 siSarah….oa na yan ang Nanay nya lahat na artista ang parents nd kagaya nya…hello….showbiz ito…Mommy Divine…

  3. I think that Sarah’s parent should let her make her on decision to follow her own heart she is old enough to make that decision beside she makes all the money. As her parents they can give her advise and guidance but for her love life let her make that decision who she want to be with. Why can’t they just let her be happy instead of controlling her every move. She is not a child anymore your talking about a 24 year old adult. Sarah I think you need to be stronger and more independent and voice your opinions and concerns on what you want in life. You are old enough to decide for yourself, your parents can’t make that decision for you, if you really love someone then fight for what you believe in.

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