Mommy Divine denies all the rumors and intrigues regarding Sarah Geronimo and Gerald’s relationship

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Last night (Philippine time), if you are a fan of Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson, for sure, you have witnessed the emotional episode of “Sarah G, Live!” on ABS-CBN hosted by Sarah Geronimo. According to the latest report, that night was full of emotion especially during the question and answer portion of the said show. CONTINUE READING….


  1. Sarah Geronimo is not allowed to have a relationship with Gerald Anderson
  2. Sarah Geronimo with mommy Divine and daddy Delfin Geronimo on ‘Sarah G, Live!’
  3. Gerald Anderson doesn’t want to pursue Sarah Geronimo if the rumor is true
  4. Gerald Anderson and Sarah Geronimo on “Sarah G, Live!” off cam

2 thoughts on “Mommy Divine denies all the rumors and intrigues regarding Sarah Geronimo and Gerald’s relationship

  1. Sarah really need to act like her age. the immaturity she display infront of a man is not going to be tolerated by a real man. the last thing that man wants to do in a relationship is to baby-sits. It takes two matured individual to work a wonderful relationship. her parents however….is a different situation. I think her parents had forgotten that they suppose to provide for Sarah and not the other way around. the fact that Sarah became the breadwinner of the family… should be greatly appreciated by her parents. But, it appears like they are asking for more than what their daughter can offer. They would rather see Sarah crying and heart broken than giving her the freedom to love and learn on her own. Sarah’s mother really have a “Trust Issue”, and “Control Freak” issue. It is time for her to cut the umbilical cord and let her daughter live on her own, be independent, explore life cautiously, trust her, and be happy. And for you Sarah….you may have the looks, the talent, and wife material character…but if you cannot act maturely and independently, you will never find a man to love you the way your heart desire. You really need to learn to be a risk taker. Always remember….with more freedom, comes more responsibility.

  2. yes i agree ,,, poor sarah g. i wish she became maturity and think like her sister,,, for her parents i wish no others reasons to strict sarah. sorry for my comment mommy d.

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