What is the birthday gift of Gerald Anderson to Sarah Geronimo?

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And because of that reason, some people think that Gerald Anderson has a birthday gift to his rumored girlfriend Sarah Geronimo. Last December, he gave a “Tiffany Necklace” as “Christmas Gift” to the prized daughter of mommy Divine Geronimo, he did not reveal the actual prize but popsters (fans of Sarah) knew that it was an expensive gift. So, if Gerald gave an expensive necklace as Christmas gift to Sarah, it is now safe to say that he also has a birthday gift to the “Concert Queen”. What do you think, is it possible? CONTINUE READING….


  1. Sarah Geronimo’s guests on ‘Sarah G, Live!’ and a video of her praising Gerald
  2. Sarah Geronimo says Gerald Anderson is very gentle
  3. Sarah Geronimo sings and pays tribute to ‘Comedy King’ Dolphy
  4. An inspirational song from Sarah Geronimo

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