Sarah Geronimo will be wearing Furne One’s collections like Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Nicole Scherzinger

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Another hot item today is her fashion statement during the concert, based on report, she will be wearing a Furne One collection. Furne One is a Dubai-based Filipino Haute Couture and known for his fantastic clothes. He got his big break in the world of fashion when he won the “Mega Young Designers Competition” a few years ago. And from then on, he relocated to the Middle East where his labels, Furne One and Amato, became instant hits. CONTINUE READING….


  1. Sarah Geronimo is so excited for her two nights concert at the Big Dome
  2. We hope to see more standing ovation when Sarah Geronimo’s ’24/SG, The Birthday Concert’ happens
  3. Kantar Media-TNS survey: Sarah Geronimo’s ‘Sarah G, Live!’ remains unbeatable
  4. Sarah Geronimo singing Forevermore

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