Having a movie with Sarah Geronimo; John Lloyd Cruz has been replaced by Gerald Anderson

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Did the ABS-CBN noticed the weakness of Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz’ team up? Few moths ago, the ABS-CBN confirms report about the pop superstar, Sarah Geronimo, and the box office king, John Lloyd Cruz’ third and reunion movie. CONTINUE READING…


Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson will make up for the lost time

The naughty Gerald Anderson with Sarah Geronimo

Sarah Geronimo is not yet ready for a kissing scene with Gerald Anderson

Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson’s moment while filming their movie



One thought on “Having a movie with Sarah Geronimo; John Lloyd Cruz has been replaced by Gerald Anderson

  1. Ma’am/Sir, I totally disagree with this article. It says that ABS-CBN is depending on a more profitable team-up. Have you compared the two movies of each gentlemen(J.L.C. and G.A.) with our beloved Sarah? Catch me I’m inlove, have grossed 120M+ but decreased with the second one (Won’t Last A Day Without You) have earned 87M+. I will not state the gross income of Sarah-JLC movies for you to research then make a comparison.

    It’s not that I’m favoring JLC, I’m big fan of Gerald Anderson too. And botong-boto po for our princess Sarah, bagay sila diba? kakiligkilig talaga! I’m only leaving this comment for you to make a non-bias, not one-sided write-up for the future because I’m also a big fan of yours, I’m following your articles regularly because I can’t watch TV.

    More power to you and to our idol Sarah Geronimo.

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