Survey says, this is not the right time for Gerald Anderson (Sarah Geronimo’s rumored boyfriend)and Kim Chiu to have a movie

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If the on going survey being conducted by is true, then, the Star Cinema could have problems regarding the comeback film of Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu. As of this writing, there are 569,005 fans dropped on line just to vote if they are in favor or not for Gerald and Kim Chiu’s possible movie this year, survey says, 31% of the total votes are in favor and 69% of the total votes are saying that they are not in favor for them to have a comeback film this year. CONTINUE READING…


Gerald Anderson stays with Sarah Geronimo, Xian Lim remains suitor of Kim Chiu

Gerald Anderson gets emotional talking about Kim Chiu

Cristine Reyes, Sarah Geronimo’s former arch rival faces libel, grave cohersion

Ara Mina answers question from members of the press regarding Cristine Reyes’ feud



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