Gerald Anderson denies protest on the issue of kissing scene between Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz

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While Cristine Reyes and Rayver Cruz are busy denying the issue about their rumored break up, Gerald Anderson and Sarah Geronimo are also busy answering questions regarding their love life. There are reports saying that when Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz started to shoot their reunion movie, Gerald Anderson would like to do a protest regarding the kissing scene but Gerald said it was not true and he wants to leave it to Sarah Geronimo. CONTINUE READING…


Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson’s intriguing moments together

Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson’s best you tube video so far

Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson, Cristine Reyes and Rayver Cruz’ denial

Rayver Cruz admits quarrle between Sarah Geronimo and Cristine Reyes years ago



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